Bumper Box (10 Half Kg Lobsters + 2 Free Crab)



Deadline for ordering is:

6pm Sunday for Tuesday Service
6pm Monday for Wednesday Service
6pm Tuesday for Thursday Service
6pm Wednesday for Friday Service
6pm Thursday for Saturday Service

Orders received after this time will not be processed by courier.

These lobsters are weighed direct from the sea to average 500g.
Your two free crab will be from the larger end of the days catch. If carb are not available that day, an extra one clawed lobster will be added instead.

* The discount for new subscribers or voucher code will not apply to this box as it is already discounted!

Delivery is for Mainland UK only (excluding Scottish Highlands, Isles of Man, Scilly & Wight, or Central London)

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This website is currently for mainland UK ( excluding Scottish highlands, Isles of Man, Scilly & Wight). If the website system rejects your postcode send us an email enquiry requesting your order.
For orders over 10 lobsters, Food businesses and wholesale please call or email us directly.Please note: We reserve the right to alter delivery slots. When weather conditions mean it is unsafe to put to sea, the fisherman will not be able to bring in his catch. You will be contacted immediately about any delay. We apologise in advance.Delivery time: Our courier aims for deliveries before noon.Please tell all your friends about this wonderful opportunity to eat our own domestic lobster

How to handle your lobster

We have put together a shortlist of dos and donts, especially if you are not familiar with handling live lobster.

  • We will deliver your lobsters in a Polystyrene box.
  • Please open and put them directly in the refrigerator. If there isn’t room then you can use frozen gel packs in a cooler box and keep the box in a cool place.
  • Cover them in damp newspaper or cardboard.
  • Do not put ice on the lobsters, freshwater kills lobsters.
  • Do not put them in the bathtub, freshwater kills lobsters.
  • We recommend your lobsters are cooked the same day that you receive them, but you can eat them the following day,. If you want to keep them longer please discuss with us.
  • You can lobsters them in the fridge already cooked / par boiled for up to three days.
  • To move your live lobster you must only handle it by holding the solid shell of the front half, holding from above. Be careful not to put your fingers around the tail where the lobster will squeeze them if it clenches his tail.
  • Do not remove the pincer bands until after they have been killed.


Due to upcoming discussion of animal welfare legislation regarding lobsters we recommend that you follow the newer guidelines about dispatching them before boiling.

  • Before you begin cooking any live lobster, please place the lobsters in the freezer for 20 – 30 minutes to make the lobsters comatose.
  • Even if you are boiling the lobster we recommend you use a knife to kill the lobster by cutting down the centre line of the head with a heavy sharp knife. Find the cross on the central dorsal line where the head meets the tail. Place the tip of a sharp chefs knife on this cross and swiftly plunge the knife down forwards through the head.

More cooking details plus videos of preparation can be found on our recipes page.